Succulents, the Eco Friendly Wedding Choice

I am obsessed with succulents.  They are easy to grow, especially here in Los Angeles. And they are beautiful.  Over the last few years, I have started seeing more and more succulents at weddings that I photograph.  They are great, because they can be used in a variety of ways.













 Wedding Bouquet


Succulents make lovely bouquets.  This one is softened with some dusty millers which compliment succulents very well.





























Succulents make classy boutonnieres



 Succulent Centerpiece


Succulents make beautiful centerpieces.  Add some flowers for a little pop of contrasting color.


Succulent Accent Pieces


Use accent pieces to add a little spice to a table scape.  This arrangement features feathers and canvas.  









Wedding Cake Topper


Yes, cacti are succulents too!  Cacti and other succulents can offer a unique option to the traditional floral arrangement on your wedding cake.













Wedding Favors.


These are really cute. Your guests can take them home and now have a little bright spot on a table at home, or in their office. These little succulents are serving double duty, playing the role of place cards too.




Succulent walls are beautiful  This wall is from the wall at the SmogShoppe in Los Angeles.  Smaller walls can be made as backdrops too, but this wall is just too gorgeous not to show.




   I really do love succulents.  And the funny thing is that I have come to look at them as a metaphor for what I hope are my brides and grooms lives together.  Beautiful, long lived, resilient, able to weather the harshest of conditions, and if they so choose....prolific.



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