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Gift Certificate for Full Family Session, 1 hour

Gift Certificate for Full Family Session, 1 hour

If you'd like to present a full family photo session as a gift, this would be a great option.   


This gift certificate would let the recipient schedule the time and location within 25 miles of Los Angeles for a 1-hour full family session.  Up to 12 people are accommodated.   This would be a great option for larger families, or if you'd like to make sure they get the full gallery instead of just 12 photos from a mini session.

High resolution images from the full gallery (typically ~100 images) can be downloaded.
The Gift certificate can be redeemed by the recipient within 18 months from the date of purchase.   


What will happen?
1. After purchasing the gift certificate, you will receive an email from Joanne and you'll be asked who this will be given to.
2. Joanne will email you a customized electronic gift card in pdf with the recipient's name, and a verification code.   You can simply print this pdf or email it to the recipient.
3. The recipient will coordinate with Joanne for location, ideas, and scheduling.

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