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Manhattan Beach- June 13, 2021, Sunday -  04:00pm | Mini Session

Manhattan Beach- June 13, 2021, Sunday - 04:00pm | Mini Session

Location: Manhattan Beach


25 minute mini session for up to 7 people.  

15 high resolution digital photos can be downloaded in the online gallery, which consist of typically 30-50 photos to choose from.  
Typical turnaround time: 7 days.

This location does not allow dogs.


Upgrades available:
Full gallery in high resolution (Typically 30-50 images): an additional $100

Expedited Turnaround: an additional $50 (2-day turnaround), or $100 (24-hour turnaround)

A photography agreement will be sent to you once the photo session is booked.  The detailed time and location will also be sent out to you as well.  

  • Non-refundable deposit

    A $100 non-refundable retainer will be kept for the mini sessions if you deicde to cancel the session after booking.   

    If you would like to reschedule for another time that you signed up for, please email Joanne 48 hours prior to your session date, and you will be rescheduled to another time slot based on availability.  

  • Bad weather

    If the severe weather would interefere with Photographer's capability of taking photos, including but not limited to heavy rain and heavy fog,  the session can be reschuduled for another time without additional fees.