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My name is Joanne and I am a wedding photographer. Hi and welcome to my new blog!

My first post on a brand new blog. How exciting! Well, I guess maybe I’ll just give a bit of a more personal introduction than what is on my About page.

I am a proud mama to 3 beautiful cats…..Loki, Katsudon and Trouble. I love food. All sorts…as long as it is yummy, I’ll be there. And my other love that rivals my love of photography? Snowboarding. I love the mountains. I feel free and happy when I have soft snow under my board, no matter what speed I am going.

Standing at the top of Mammoth

What got me in to Wedding Photography?

Growing up in Hong Kong, I got to go to many weddings. I thought the main attraction was the food, and I thought nothing else of it. I didn't really find any personalized touches, I didn't see a lot of emotions. The traditional tea ceremony, normally held in silent reverence to the loud and boisterous games of mahjong did not lend itself to a lot of romance. I didn't know that celebrating two people getting married could be anything other than rigid traditions and an awesome meal.

Fast forward a few years, now living in Los Angeles, it got to that time when friends just started getting married. I went to my first American wedding and I was floored. The ceremony, the reception, the party. It still had tradition. It still had ceremonies. But it was different. It celebrated love, it celebrated the couple. It celebrated the connection that they had with each other, and their new families. And seeing how I now had this love of photography, I set out to capture these moments of love. The more I shot, the more I craved it. The more I craved it, the more I shot. A never ending circle. It fed my soul. And that was the birth of Joanne Leung Photography. With a camera around my neck and a burning desire to capture couples in love, I felt unstoppable.

And here we are, a few years along and I finally feel it is time to start sharing my experiences and advice. I will also be starting up a video blog aimed at helping brides prepare for their weddings…more nit picky things that they might forget, or might help them on their special day. Script writing is already in progress, so I hope to be rolling out these videos in the next couple of months.

Well, I guess that is it for my first post. Welcome to my blog! It is officially open!


Joanne Leung Photography
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