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Groomsman Gift Ideas : Can I axe you a question?

Planning on some gifts for your groomsmen on your wedding day? Are you and your groomsmen outdoorsy folks? Looking for a gift for them that is functional, yet cool? Consider an axe. They can last a long time, and it brings your zombie apocalypse preparedness up a level. And they look cool in wedding pictures.

Axe groomsman gift

If you want to step it up a a notch, have them personalized. Laser engraving their names and a personal message is a nice touch.

Personalized axe wedding day gift

You can find nice axes almost anywhere. A trip to Home Depot and you can find these fine looking axes. Looking for something a little different? Try Etsy. And if you feel like your groomsmen are worth the extra mile, do a search for custom hand forged axes or tomahawks.

Tattoo and axe wedding day gift

Joanne Leung Photography
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