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Star Wars: A New New Hope

I love being a wedding photographer. But sometimes, I REALLY love being a wedding photographer. This time, I was contacted by a couple from a galaxy far far away.....Los Angeles. OK. Maybe not that far away. I guess if you squint really hard, the Mojave desert does look like Hoth,

They had a vision. A George Lucas inspired vision. A Star Wars themed wedding. And to start things off, they decided to have a little Star Wars themed engagement shoot.

My groom-to-be was dressed as Han Solo for the day, and his lovely fiancé, well, I think she definitely gave Princess, excuse me, General Leia a run for her money. She even made her own dress from Star Wars themed fabric. It took her a month to do. Now that is dedication.

Star Wars Engagement

This shot was their twist on the original 1977 poster.

Star Wars The Force Engagement

The Force is definitely strong with her.

Star Wars Book Engagement Kiss

And what do you do after a long day of ridding the universe of the evil Empire? You read about your adventures, of course!

So...what do you do to top a Star Wars themed engagement shoot? You have a Star Wars themed wedding. This couple did not hold back. Their wedding, held at Tiato in Santa Monica, was full of awesome Star Wars toys and memorabilia. Here are just a few of the awesome things they had.

BB8 with Wedding Rings

BB8, the ring bearer.

LEGO characters with Wedding Rings

They chose their own LEGO characters and weapons of choice for this shot

What Star Wars themed wedding is complete without the Millennium Falcon?

BB8 watching the wedding ceremony

BB8 watching the wedding ceremony.

These mini R2D2's are ADORABLE!

R2D2 as wedding waiter

Why, yes! That is R2D2 serving drinks. He was a fully moving, remote controlled waiter!

What I appreciated most about this engagement and wedding? Sure, the Star Wars stuff was super cool. And yes, I wish I had my own R2D2 waiter. But most of all, I loved the connection my beautiful bride and groom had with each other. A connection forged by the force and all its wonders. A love that is as strong as Han and Leia's.

Long life and happiness I wish them. May the force be with them!

Joanne Leung Photography
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