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Maternity Session in Santa Monica, J + S

It was a pleasure to stroll around Santa Monica with my clients J + S on a beautiful, breezy day in Santa Monica. It was nice to be able to shoot there on a weekday, as it is not crazy crowded there. If memory serves me correctly, she was about 34 weeks along, and I teased her that my non-pregnant legs and arms definitely looked way more swollen than hers. She looked incredible! I loved that they brought some cute things for the baby as I suggested, including a framed ultrasound photo, 2 tiny little baby books they were going to read to the baby, a stuffed animal bunny, and some cute baby shoes. Congratulations J + S!

We walked around the alleyways and I liked the green brick wall. I don't always have my shots planned out, and I like it when the little environmental elements and what the clients bring click together. I thought the palette of the wall worked well with her frame.

One behind the scene story that I don't know if I should share was that I also tucked her into the little nook just to the left of the wall (seen below on the left picture), and it just reeked of urine. Well, that's part of the deal with Santa Monica I suppose. She was so nice to not be mad at me for the suggestion, and we just laughed it off and got out of there within 2 breaths.

We kept strolling casually along the Ocean Blvd. Stopped at the Gregorian, a light teal colored building with some mustard yellow accents for a few shots.

I actually felt a little bad for asking her to jump into this area for a few shots. She was in heels and the ground was little uneven. But the plants gave a very beautiful and almost tropical feel to the photos. She was so kind to not mind my less-than-considerate request!

Joanne Leung Photography
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