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Malibu Proposal in beautiful sweeping view of mountains and ocean A + R

This young and beautiful couple from New York City came to Los Angeles for vacation, and he made an elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a remote area with stunning views of mountains and ocean, and what's a better way to get to a remote location than being transported on a helicopter? We all took the flight from Burbank, passing by famous landmarks of LA from the sky, which made the experience so magical. We passed by Universal studios (we saw the Hogwarts!), the Hollywood sign up close at eye level, Griffith Park, Sunset Blvd, and we made our way over to the ocean and passing by many celebrities' houses (Leonardo DiCaprio's, Johnny Depp's and Kim Kardashian and Kanye's current residence to name a few!). Nothing quite prepared us for the stunning view of flying to Santa Monica Pier and look at the expanse of the Ocean from that high up the ground. It was magnificent!

In case you are wondering, I pretended to be working for the helicopter company to do some of their new social media campaign, so she wouldn't get too suspicious why a total stranger is sharing a flight with them.

The pilot was giving us a drill for some basic helicopter safety procedures. It was a beautiful day with good cloud coverage and great to fly!

From top left clockwise: Universal Studios, the Playboy Mansion, Santa Monica Pier and Malibu Pier/Malibu Lagoon.

We landed at this beautiful, secluded spot on a hill top with sweeping ocean view and mountains around us.

She was just taking in the stunning view, when he was about to ask her!

She was in awe and her reaction was priceless!

She could hardly contain her excitement!

Check out her massive radiant cut diamond! It's a showstopper with the beautiful eternity diamond band. She absolutely loved it!

They couldn't stop staring at the beautiful engagement ring on her finger. Neither could I!

Still in awe!

And when the idea sinked in, she got a little emotional. How sweet was this moment!

Taking a deep breath to calm down!

I took portraits of this beautiful couple for a little while with this beautiful ocean view as the backdrop.

I loved that she was really in love with the ring and the whole proposal planning!

Photographer: Joanne Leung Photography

Proposal planning and coordination: The Heart Bandits

Joanne Leung Photography
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