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Romantic proposal on the Santa Monica Beach during the sunset hour, Megan + Scott

My client Scott had one of the cutest and original excuses for dragging his girlfriend to take a walk along Santa Monica beach, when it seems like an idea that's not part of their routine. They are from out of state, along with 2 other male friends who came with them to visit LA. He made their friends bug them to go to Santa Monica Beach to "hunt for rare water type Pokemon" as part of the elaborate plan to surprise her with the sunset beach proposal! As a casual Pokemon Go player myself, I was cracking up like nobody's business when I heard the excuse after the proposal! It was absolutely genius, isn't it? Santa Monica is full of water type Pokemons and it checked out with the facts.

Scott had the sweetest inspirations for the perfect beach proposal for his girlfriend. He opted for beautiful rustic furniture, a gold, pink, rose gold, copper, cream and fuchsia color palette for the florals that mirrors the natural colors of the beautiful sunset with just enough accents to stand out, candles, rose petals and a customized "love journey"book that walked her from the day they met to where they were that day. What made her really stop and look was her name spelled out in the flowers! Everything was amazingly detailed and beautiful. Here are some closer looks:

These florals both smelled and looked amazing! I loved these little copper multifaceted vases.

He made this customized book of their adventure. It's totally thoughtful and adorable.

Here they come! The clients and their water-type Pokemon-hunting friends approaching. It's always a great idea to know exactly who my clients are in advance by exchanging photos of ourselves.

She spotted something going on here but thought it's for someone's birthday party from afar. She just walked right by. Scott gently dragged her back to the right direction.

That's when she saw her name in flowers!

Here comes the groom using a stealthy, very thin, low-profile ring box from Ring Stash.

Needless to say, Megan was totally shocked and excited. Now even Scott was overcome with emotions!

She was extremely excited to share the news with her family! She facetimed them on the beach! Can you tell her excitement from the sparkles in her eyes?

I wanted thank these nice friends who made the proposal a success with their very cute excuse to come to the beach.

Congratulations Megan and Scott! I hope you all the best with your continuing journey together!

Side note/fun fact: When the florist and I were waiting for their arrival, lots of beach goers stopped to ask us what's happening. Some of them stayed behind, far enough to witness it. There were claps and rounds of congratulations from random strangers who were happy for them right after she said yes! It was a very happy, supportive and loving environment!

Proposal Photographer: Joanne Leung Photography Instagram:

Proposal coordinator: The Heart Bandits Instagram:

Florals: Rise to the Occasions, Instagram:

Furniture Rental: Toast Party Rentals, Instagram:

Joanne Leung Photography
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