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Candle lit Proposal in the Starlight ballroom of Mr. C Beverly Hills with customized string trio per

These amazing clients flew in from Vancouver, Canada, and stopped in Los Angeles to travel. But what she didn't know was that he also planned an elaborate surprise proposal for her in this foreign city. It took weeks of coordination from different teams of people, and his ingenuity and knowledge of her intuition. Can you imagine having a really intuitive significant other who can put small hints together to come to the right conclusion of what you're up to all the time? Wouldn't it make it extra difficult to make sure you could still somehow surprise that person?

This was how he planned the day to minimize her suspicion. He made a spa appointment with a couple's massage at Mr. C, and he told her in advance that they would hang out in the sauna for an hour or so before heading upstairs to the restaurant for dinner. (I loved that detail about telling her about the dinner plan because that way she would be dressed up, instead of being just be in comfy robes from the spa!) While they were having the massage, the florist decorated the Starlight Ballroom on the top floor of Mr C Beverly Hills, which had sweeping views of the North, West, and South sides of Los Angeles.

Mr C Starlight Ballroom Beverly Hills Proposal

The room was beautifully decorated to bring the client's vision to life. It has white/ cream/ pink and gold color palette, with a wide rose petal path flanked by candles, tables adorned with tall and short vases of roses and hydrangea and their personalized photos with really sweet messages written in Chinese.

mr C beverly Hills stunning views

There's also a corner of Tiffany boxes to symbolize that he would always shower her with affection and gifts in the future. Awwww so sweet.

Los Angeles proposal with tiffany boxes


There's also a map that he wanted to include for them to start marking their adventures around the world together. It is also has reference to the song to be played at the time of the proposal about the desire to travel the world together.

The Chinese writing on that frame stated:



Translates to: "With only the confirmation of your glance, my love would become meaningful." It's a passage from the lyrics of 梁靜茹's song 勇氣 (Link to the song here on Youtube: Lyrics by 作詞:瑞業

On this final table, the right frame is another passage from the song that says:


放在我心裏 你的真心"

Translates to: "In this sea of people I can feel that what's occupying my heart, is your true love"

and the frame on the left says: "親愛的


Translates to: "My love, would you marry me?"

The amazing sunset over the skyline of Century City. Everyone in the room getting a little nervous. And I was listening to the impeccable final rehearsal of the super talented string trio playing the string rendition of her favorite song.





translates to:

"At the end I came to this decision, I don't care what other people say, as long as you are sure about my decision as well."