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Proposal in an artist's loft with sweeping views of downtown Los Angeles and live strings privat

It was a hot summer day in downtown Los Angeles on a weekend, and the client had spent weeks coordinating this unique, breathtaking and quite honestly very impressive proposal because of the number of things that had to take place for it to look so flawless. He chose an artist's loft that has these clean lines and clean color palette with an industrial feel to it. It has giant wrap around windows that overlook downtown LA, concrete floors, and a beautifully decorated space. A day of coordinator and florist came to decorate the space with fresh blooms, such as one of the best smelling flowers, the cream colored garden roses. Along with the rose petals on the floor, the space smelled like a sea of roses. The plan was orchestrated in a way that the two string players were playing their requested song in a loop until they got to the loft, and I was tucked in a corner to stalk them with a long lens so I wouldn't be the first thing that they would see in the middle of a massive room. As soon as I saw her face change and recognize what's going on, I roamed around freely. Please keep scrolling to see her reactions below!

The set up with centerpieces, candles, and champagne!

He gave her the excuse that they were going to someone's gathering in this building on a weekend. She came along without suspecting today's the day! As soon as they turned the corner at the entrance and saw the romantic set up, you could see in her face that she's processing it all!

And this is the moment that it clicked! Yup! That's exactly what she thinks this is!

I loved that he gave her a touching private speech about the qualities he loved about her, and how his life had changed completely since they met. And how she made him a better man.

And she's truly touched by him pouring his heart out. I wondered what was going through her mind at the moment, and whether she could see anything but him right this second.

I just love all the emotions! That drop of tear just rolled off her cheek. I was so happy for them!

This was the moment that he nervously took the ring out and be prepared to ask the question that he's been dying to ask!

The amazing strings player from Hope Easton's group played a private concert for the happy couple !

I love that she still had a non-dry eye. It was a total shock for her that this was happening that day!

The gorgeous vintage engagement ring set with the wedding band were from Trumpet and Horn

They stack together nicely! I love that he's thinking ahead of time for the look. She loved the rings!

Cheers to the happy couple!

This proposal would not have been possible without the help of all the talented vendors.

Proposal coordinator: The Heart Bandits Instagram:

Proposal Photographer: Joanne Leung Photography Instagram:

Joanne Leung Photography
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